Woman washing clothes. Citrus Heights Laundromat, Paradise Laundry

  • Paradise Laundry is so clean because our washers and dryers are so new. All three laundromats were completely remodeled and equipped with brand new washers and dryers, so you don’t have to worry about years of mildew build-up, which is a common problem in older laundries. 
  • Paradise Laundry is the only laundromat in Sacramento to use a professional janitorial service 365 days a year. A team of trained experts from Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Sacramento clean and sanitize all surfaces of the laundry from the folding tables to the bathrooms – including the machines – every night. 
  • Paradise Laundry is one of the few laundromats to use a monthly pest control service. We recognize that on occasion a customer may use a laundromat to rid their home of fleas or lice. We don’t wait until a problem with pests arises – instead, we proactively spray on a regular basis. This way our laundromat is only inviting to people and not pests.