Roseville: Ascot Drive

Hours 7 Days a Week (Including all holidays)

  • 6:00AM – 10:00PM
  • Last Wash 9:00PM

105 Ascot Drive Ste A Roseville, CA 95661

Near the corner of Douglas Blvd. & Sunrise Ave., behind Lorenzo’s Mexican Restaurant

Our Roseville laundromat on Ascot was the second Paradise Laundry and opened in September 2011.  It had an extreme makeover which included replacing sewer pipes and the transformer for electricity, as well as the installation of state-of-the-art HE washers and dryers, ADA compliant bathrooms, comfortable seating, and many more amenities.

This location offers FULL SERVICE LAUNDRY SERVICE provided by The Freshy Fresh. Visit their website to make an appointment for pick up service.

Washer Types And Prices

Top Load Washers

Top Load Washers

Eco Wash (Cold)
Warm Water
Hot Water

Triple Five & Nine Load Washers

Eco Wash (Cold)

Warm Water

Hot Water

Triple (30lb)




Five (50lb)




Nine (90lb)




30 lb washers lite at Roseville Paradise Laundries
Large capacity washers
Triple Load Dryers

Triple Load Dryers (30 lb)

7 Minutes for $.25


Five Load Dryers (50 lb)

5 Minutes for $.25