Roseville: Cirby Way


7 Days a Week (Including all holidays)

500 Cirby Way Ste B Roseville, CA 95678

Right off Hwy. 80 at Riverside & Cirby at Melody Lane, next to 7-Eleven

Our third eco-friendly laundromat, Roseville on Cirby Way opened in 2012. We took the green plunge on this remodel, deciding to forego top load washers all together, and concentrate on front-loading, high-efficiency, and super large capacity washers! Some of the machines here hold up to 90 pounds of laundry (that’s nine 10 lb loads!). Add to this super large and efficient dryers, and you’ve got an experience that’s way better (and easier) than apartment laundry room laundry!

It’s also the only laundromat in North Sacramento that’s open 24 HOURS A DAY. See below for access codes and other information.

Washer Types And Prices

24 Hour Roseville laundromat cirby way. Paradise Laundry CA.

Double Load Washers (15lbs)

Eco Wash (Cold)
Warm Water
Hot Water
Double Load
24 hr laundromat cirby way paradise laundries

Triple Load Washers (30lbs)

Warm Water
Hot Water
Paradise Laundry Roseville Cirby Way 24 hr laundromat sacramento

Six Load (60lbs) & Nine Load (90lbs) Washers

Warm Water
Hot Water
Six Load
Nine Load
24 hr laundromat cirby way Paradise Laundries

Five Load Dryers (50lb)

5 Minutes per $0.25
Front loading dryers. 24 hr laundry sacramento paradise laundries

Triple Load Dryers (30lb)

7 Minutes per $0.25

24 Hour Laundromat Access

NEW Door Code:  9876
Restroom Door Code: 134679

When using the laundry after midnight please consider the following guidelines:

  • If someone comes to the door but does NOT have the code, please do not open the door for them, especially if they do not have any laundry in their hands!
  • Also, please avoid propping the door open, as our 24 Hour Laundromat is temperature controlled for your comfort.
  • If you ever arrive after hours and a code does not work, call us at  916-933-9753. Press extension 3 for the new door code or press extension 4 for the new restroom code.  Bookmark this webpage to get the current codes.